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Dry Wash
Wet Wash
Paint Polish/Protection
Paint Correction
De-Ice Boot Treatment
Interior Detailing
Deep Leather Cleaning/Protection
Carpet Dry Cleaning & Steaming

Our highly trained experts use professional air-powered drum polishers and state of the art metal pastes.  These are the best tools for the job, resulting in an unsurpassed luster.  All safety precautions are taken during this process:

  • Manufacturers maintenance policies/procedures  are adhered to at all times
  • All adjacent areas are taped or otherwise covered as appropriate
  • Air hoses are kept over the operator’s shoulder when working on horizontal surfaces to avoid dragging on any surface
  • The lightest effective metal paste is used for each specific surface to mitigate erosion of the metal surfaces
  • Corrosion inhibitors are used as appropriate
  • Surfaces in tight areas or near protrusions are polished by hand

In the adjacent photo, you see Chris correcting turbine-soot blackened rivets using a specialized compound and paint-safe tools.  In many cases, our professionally trained experts can see incredible results from proper compounding and buffing of aged paint surfaces.  Our experts use the correct tools and products for your specific paint.  We would love to see how pretty we can make your paint.

Our highly trained experts take the time to determine what type of finish is on YOUR leather.  Some leather surfaces have been re-dyed causing the finish to be far more sensitive to certain cleaning chemicals.  We understand which process is most appropriate for each surface and we take the time to test a small obscure area to verify that we will do no harm.  As you can see in the adjacent before/after photo, we can achieve remarkable results.

Chemicals and Cleaning Products
FlightServ uses only industry approved cleaning products from vendors such as RealClean, NuVite, Leather Institute etc…  Each product has appropriate applications and our staff has an expert understanding of their safe use.

Yes, We Can Help With That

At FlightServ, every request is met with personal care and attention. We look forward to fulfilling your needs and exceeding your expectations.

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