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About FlightServ

An Exceptional FBO Experience

Located at Trenton Mercer Airport in Trenton, N.J., FlightServ brings a refreshingly independent flair to the KTTN field. Stemming from our sister company, Aviation Charters, the team at FlightServ uniquely understands the needs and desires of flight crews and their passengers. Years of experience traveling around the country as pilots and schedulers gives us unique insight into what makes the FBO experience exceptional, driving our sole initiative to make your visit to FlightServ the most enjoyable part of your trip.

Fly in and Discover the Power of Yes

At FlightServ, no request is too small or too grand to be accommodated with the very best personalized service our industry has to offer. We understand each flight is unique and stand prepared to deliver the level of care you require in every aspect of general aviation services—from safe, professionally executed ground services to the catering and personal request items that take a trip from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our New Facility in Progress!

FlightServ has begun the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility at Trenton-Mercer airport.  The existing Naval Warfare Center facility is set to undergo demolition so the new hangar and FBO facility can emerge.  Here is a time-lapse of the project.  Please check back often to see the progress…….

FlightServ Affiliates

Our industry relationships connect you with the best aviation solutions.

Trenton-Mercer Airport (KTTN)
601 Jack Stephan Way
West Trenton, NJ 08628

FlightServ: 128.925
Tower/CTAF: 120.7
ATIS: 126.775
Phila. Appr.: 123.8

0500-2300 After hours Available Upon Request