Thank you for taking a closer look at FlightServ, where aviation fuels our passion and people drive our mission. We can’t wait to meet you. That’s why the first thing you’ll notice when you approach FlightServ is a warm greeting from our professional line staff who is waiting to help every flight with every need. Whether Trenton, N.J. is your final destination or a stop along the way, we’re honored you chose to visit us and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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years of experience

Located at Trenton Mercer Airport in Trenton, N.J., FlightServ brings a refreshingly independent flair to the KTTN field. The team at FlightServ uniquely understands the needs and desires of flight crews and their passengers.

Years of experience traveling around the country as pilots and schedulers gives us invaluable insight into what makes the FBO experience exceptional, driving our sole initiative to make your visit the most enjoyable part of your trip.

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client testimonials

Absolutely wonderful service. Called 10 mins out and car was waiting on the ramp. The lady working the desk was standing at the car with clipboard in hand to have the rental contract signed. Unreal. Landing fees were half of what Signature charges. This is the place to go!

M. Mitchell

Brand new FBO in Trenton with great customer service. Really enjoyed the hospitality during our most recent trip to NJ.

Feedback Courtesy of AIN FBO Survey

Gateway to Trenton, New Jersey. Highly recommended.

Mike Marra

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